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GHOGY is an online food and fitness plan that is there to help you feel the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

At GHOGY we want to show you how easy and affordable it is to get into shape and feel great. Our team will put together a meal and workout plan that is accessible, personal and customisable to your lifestyle needs and preferences.

Personalised Exercise Plans

Personalised Exercise Plans

You tell us where you would prefer to exercise; at the gym or at home and your exercise frequency. We will then build the information into a plan to make the perfect GHOGY exercise routine for you. We change the plan every 4 weeks to keep you fresh and motivated. We also provide you with easy to follow videos to explain how to perform all the exercises in your plan.

Personalised Meal Plans

Tailored Meal Plans

Our meal plans are carefully selected and balanced to provide the perfect mix of carbs, fats and protein to build your body the right way. All of our recipes are tasty, delicious and easy to prepare. You can pick and change meals to create the perfect meal plan just for you. You don't have to worry about eating too much or not enough. The calories in all our meal plans that we provide are carefully calculated for you to reach your goal.

Simplified Progress Tracking

Simplified Progress Tracking

We provide you with your very own progress tracker where you can upload photos, body measurements and weight. This allows you to follow the changes in your body, which will keep you motivated throughout your plan. You will also have your very own GHOGY personal trainer to provide you with support and make any changes to your plan that might be needed.

Why it works

GHOGY works because behind GHOGY are a team of real people who have been in various positions in the health and fitness industry. Not only can we relate to you but, we have the advice and expertise to keep your motivated throughout your journey.

We hope that GHOGY is not just a quick fix for you, but a lifestyle that you can stick with. Your plan will be tailored to you, filled with quick, easy and delicious meals, exciting workouts so you will never get bored, your very own dashboard to track your progress, some where you can create a profile to interact with fellow GHOGY guys and girls, plus your own GHOGY trainer that will be there to talk, motivate and push you along the way.

Who we work with

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On sign-up you will be asked to complete a quick lifestyle questionnaire. Using the info from your questionnaire a dedicated GHOGY trainer will make the perfect plan just for you which you will go live the following Sunday. Every 4 weeks you will receive a new workout plan and any changes needed to your dietary requirements will be made.


You can cancel your GHOGY plan at anytime and will not be charged if you cancel within your 14 day free trial.